Seth Kastle

Through my 16 years in the Army Reserve I served in many capacities culminating in my role as a Company First Sergeant.  I was deployed in January 2002 to Qatar, and then to Afghanistan for a total of eight months.  I was then deployed to Iraq in January 2003 until April 2004.  I have been married for nearly ten years now to my wonderful wife Julia, and we have two daughters; Raegan and Kennedy.  The topic of dealing with PTSD as a parent is something that is very close to my heart.  I have struggled with PTSD for ten years now, my daughters are young so who I am now is all they know.  I wrote the book Why is Dad So Mad? to try to help them understand why I am the way I am now.  This is not who I used to be, but it is who I am now; this is reality.  More than anything I want my daughters as well as the children of other services members to know that no matter what we, as fathers love them more than anything.  Things may not always be picture perfect , but as parents we will always be there for our kids.

Seth Kastle

Dr. Jamie Schwandt

Dr. Jamie Schwandt is a former foster child who understands how to succeed in life.  He is currently a commissioned officer in the United States Army Reserve.  Dr. Schwandt serves as a public speaker and has presented his research and personal story of challenges and triumphs for many organizations and audiences.  He enjoys providing positive motivation for young individuals in foster care.


Dr. Schwandt had a difficult childhood and overcame significant obstacles to get where he is today.  He was born in a small town in Kansas in a family where his parents abused drugs and alcohol.  Both parents battled depression while suffering from other mental health issues.  His father committed suicide when he was eighteen years old.  As a child, Dr. Schwandt witnessed many dangerous and poor decisions made by his parents.


From birth to eighteen years old, Dr. Schwandt moved more than twenty times with his parents, grandparents, and in the foster care system.  He enlisted in the United States Army Reserve when he was just seventeen years old and continues to proudly serve his country, including deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Despite the challenges he faced during his upbringing, Dr. Schwandt obtained a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science from Fort Hays State University.  In May 2013, he completed a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) from Kansas State University.  Dr. Schwandt is both determined and tenacious and is blessed to have experienced many successes in life.


He currently resides in Kansas with his loving wife and family


Kyle D. Carlin

Kyle Carlin works as a school psychologist in Hays, KS. During his career, Kyle has worked closely with children of all ages to help them develop the emotional regulation that is needed to be successful in the classroom and life, and he brings this experience to his books.


Kyle serves on the executive board of the Kansas Association of School Psychologist holding the positions of Western Region Director and President.  He also serves on several advisory boards and committees related to social emotional and learning needs of children.  Kyle is committed to finding opportunities to positively affect the lives of as many children as possible.


Kyle is married and has two children. He spent 8 years in the US Army Reserves where he achieved the rank of Sergeant and was deployed to Southwest Asia.


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